Recent grants


The Foundation has made 1,571 grants to 966 charities, totalling £49,534,132.

This page shows in detail grants awarded from 1 June 2017 - 1 May 2022. Grants made before 1 June 2017 are not shown individually, however you can see the total amount awarded under each programme each year. Recent grants data will be updated after each Trustee Meeting.


To see all the grants awarded by the Foundation: Ensure that all search criteria are blank or set to ‘Any’, and then click Apply.


The list of grants can also be filtered using single or multiple criteria, for example:

  • To search for a specific charity: Type the first few letters of the charity’s name and all matching organisations will appear in a drop down list. Simply select the one you are looking for and click Apply.
  • To see all grants awarded under a particular programme: Go to the ‘Programme’ drop down list and select the relevant grant programme. Then click Apply.
  • To search for all grants in a specific region of the UK: Go to the ‘Beneficial region’ drop down list and select the region you are interested in. Then click Apply.


The Peter Harrison Foundation reserves the right to omit a grant if we decide that, for whatever reason, it is not appropriate to post the information to this site.