Recent grants


The Foundation has made 1,639 grants to 997 charities, totalling £50,609,088.

This page shows all grants awarded from 1 June 2017 onwards. New grants data will be updated after each Trustee Meeting.


To see all the grants awarded by the Foundation: Ensure that all search criteria are blank or set to ‘Any’, and then click Apply.


The list of grants can also be filtered using single or multiple criteria, for example:

  • To search for a specific charity: Type the first few letters of the charity’s name and all matching organisations will appear in a drop down list. Simply select the one you are looking for and click Apply.
  • To see all grants awarded under a particular programme: Go to the ‘Programme’ drop down list and select the relevant grant programme. Then click Apply.
  • To search for all grants in a specific region of the UK: Go to the ‘Beneficial region’ drop down list and select the region you are interested in. Then click Apply.


The Peter Harrison Foundation reserves the right to omit a grant if we decide that, for whatever reason, it is not appropriate to post the information to this site.