Accessible Sports Hub at Hollybank Trust

Jan 2019


The Hollybank Trust in Yorkshire provides support and services for people with profound disabilities and learning difficulties. They run a school, purpose built residential homes for children and adults, and programmes of daytime activities for non-residents.

With a grant from the Peter Harrison Foundation they have introduced an Accessible Sports Hub to give their students, residents and those living with a disability in the local community the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of sporting activities. 

In the first year this has included: sailing, orienteering, fencing, dance, ball games, cycling, angling, boccia, kurling and archery. As they begin the second year of the project they plan to expand their programme of activities further, with the addition of sports such as table cricket, wheelchair handball and wheelchair basketball.

  • A participant and member of staff using an adaptive cycle
    Adaptive cycling
  • Two wheelchair users learning to fence
  • A group of people taking part in an archery session