Autism Friendly Multi-Use-Games-Area opens

Oct 2020


The new Sensory Multi Use Games Area (SMUGA) has opened at Portfield School, a specialist school for children with autism in Christchurch which is run by Autism Wessex. The new facility was designed in communication with students and teachers, and now provides a suitable area for multiple sports whilst reducing many of the sensations such as loud noises, busy visuals and uneven surfaces, which used to distract and antagonise the students.

Donna Gale-Page - Head Teacher of Portfield School said:

“The SMUGA is a fantastic asset to the school. Teaching children sports in a specialist area brings a huge amount to our curriculum; it allows them to play team sports, supporting their needs around developing their social skills; it allows them to be taught in different environments to their classrooms, helping them to develop their generalisation skills; the noise cancelling structure allows them to feel safe in an environment they may usually find difficult or upsetting. As the Headteacher of Portfield School, I am beaming pride watching the children and young adults utilise the area for lessons, break times and choosing it for reward times - it is supporting them in all areas of their learning and development.”