A new personal best for Trustee Julia

Dec 2019

Congratulations to our trustee, Julia Harrison Lee on completing her second ironman competition in Cozumel, Mexico. In her own words:- 

"I had a cracking swim of 2.4 miles in 1 hr 5mins which was followed by a 112 mile cycle ride completed in 6 hrs 12 mins. The heat really came up through the day and at 85 degrees it was a hot, really hot run - fantastic support on course from spectators and wonderful volunteers recruited from the local schools. These lovely kids handed out water, ice, Gatoraid and Pepsi Cola to the runners as we all suffered in the heat, getting to an aid station was a relief as l heard their chatter and laughter - it made a difference, l can tell you ! The last mile - mile 26 of the run was miserable, only the bright lights of the finish tunnel and the sound of the crowd draw you home, and it was with extreme relief that l heard the words “ you are an ironman ! “  I finished IM Cozumel in an overall time of 14 hrs, 33mins and 33 seconds ! A wonderful lady volunteer got hold of me at the finish, she put her arm around me and I hung onto her, it’s the first time all day, that you have stopped and its easy to feel faint ! I finished 15th overall in my age group - Female 55 - 59 years and salute all my fellow competitors on course that day. “  

Ironman - anything is possible !

  • Julia Harrison-Lee finishes her second Ironman challenge.
  • Pedalling hard!