Salford veterans keep fighting fit

Sep 2021

The residents at Broughton House Veteran Care Village in Salford are keeping fighting fit with the help of a £24,000 grant from the Peter Harrison Foundation to help equip a new gymnasium.

Broughton House Chief Executive Karen Miller says, “The ability for our residents to have access to a gymnasium is crucial to not only their physical but their mental wellbeing.” Particularly following Covid lockdowns, residents benefit from the ability to maintain fitness with skilled support.

The equipment purchased with the grant is accessibly friendly and designed for safe use by individuals with limited mobility or physical disability. The machines help improve muscle strength and joint mobility, as well as stamina for residents with cardiorespiratory conditions, and can benefit those with neurological conditions and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

World War Two veteran Derek Corfield, 94, moved into Broughton House last year following an accident on his electric scooter. Derek says, “It’s great having the gym. I put on a bit of weight after my accident when I couldn’t move around as much as I used to. Now that I’m using the gym, I can notice the difference.”