Target Sports Hub opens at Barnstondale Centre

Sep 2019

The Barnstandale Centre in the Wirral has opened a new hub for target sports, including target rifles, archery and boccia.

The Hub was built with adjustable height benches to ensure that wheelchair users can sit alongside their able-bodied peers and compete together. The introduction of target rifles has also been beneficial for people with limited upper body movement who can sometimes find archery difficult. 

The Hub, which has already been used by over 900 young people since it opened in March, was supported with a grant of £27,700 from the Peter Harrison Foundation.

  • One of the Centre's regular users shows how the new hub has enabled him to make full use of the target rifles in his wheelchair
    The new accessible Target Sports Hub in use
  • Two girls using the target rifles
    Some of the Centre's young users practicing with the target rifles